About us

Our story began with a little dream in 2016…

While sitting at our dinner table one evening in Edwardsville, IL, unknowingly and apparently lost in deep thought, my husband, Gary, asked me, “Hello!! Just what are you thinking so hard about over there??”  Although a little apprehensive to tell him, I replied, “Well, ok…you know what’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while?  Have my own little clothing store, or boutique.” 

At the time, I had my own side cheesecake business and a business with Premier Designs Jewelry, a direct sales company, for 13 years.  In 2005 I quit a paralegal job to go full-time with Premier, so thinking he’d be receptive to my wanting to start yet another business was just not going to happen!  Surely, he was going to say “NO!”  But he pondered the thought for a minute, then replied, “Well, it’s something that could generate more income for us, so I don’t see why we couldn’t.”  You can imagine my excitement!!  But I really shouldn’t have been so surprised.  He’s always my biggest cheerleader and supporter in everything I do, and he’s been fully on board from Day 1.  

I absolutely loved my job with Premier Designs Jewelry but was wanting to do something alongside it.  Something to amp it up that meshed with it.  And what better to go with it than clothing, accessories, and fashion?!?  Three passions of mine!  So, in May of 2016, we began Mia Boutique, LLC and we’ve been going strong ever since! 

And, God has a plan for all of us, doesn’t He!  At the end of 2020, Premier Designs closed their doors for good.  I was crushed!  I never thought that could or would happen!  But I soon realized how truly blessed we really were through it all.  My seventeen years with Premier gave us the knowledge and tools we needed to own and operate a business.  So, when the end of Premier came, we already had four years into the boutique to have it up and running successfully by that time.  While one door closed, we already had one opened.  We are truly thankful!  There are many of you who have been with us since the beginning, and we want you to know how thankful and appreciative of you we are!  You are why we are here today!  Even without ever having a store front and only working it out of our home, vendor pop up events, and website!  You all are the best!

Now, let me tell you the about the name of the business--it has a double meaning, really.  I have to give the kudos to my bestie, Suzy, for coming up with the name.  We were sitting outside Starbucks, enjoying our lattes while I was telling her I was struggling to come up with the right name for it.  I was telling her I wanted something a little bit ‘me,’ and a little bit ‘Americana,’ because we wanted to focus on merchandise that was made in America.  And that’s when it hit her!  “Mia Boutique.”  My nickname is “Mia,” (given to me by my father, derived from my middle name) and M-I-A also stands for “Made In America!”  Simple. Brilliant. Perfect. That’s IT!!  Thanks, Suzy!!

There were a few things I wanted our core values to be with Mia Boutique.  First, wanting to offer high quality items that are made in the USA.  I love America and everything it stands for.  I want to do a small part in keeping it local and helping out American businesses, so we strive to bring you items that are made in America first.  In the beginning, 100% of our merchandise was all made in the USA.  However, we soon found not everything we wanted to bring you is.  And there was plenty more we wanted to offer you!  So, while merchandise made in the USA is still our main focus, and will continue to be the majority of our items, you will find a few items made elsewhere.  But we assure you they are just as high quality!  Nothing but the best for you!

The second focus was on high quality, classic, yet fun clothing and accessories for regular and plus--or what I like to call “Curvy”--women.  I had been curvy-sized myself for a short time and remember how frustrating it was to find cute items.  I wanted to look cute, not frumpy!  So, I vowed to bring the cute to the curvy as well as to the regular/misses-sized with the boutique! 

So here we are in 2022.  We’ve had a few exciting changes!  Gary retired in 2021 and we moved to Piedmont, MO to be close to my family’s vacation place and enjoy the lake we’ve both loved all our lives.  And, although we are now located in Missouri, we will continue to be licensed to do business in Illinois.  So you will continue to see us there at events. We’re not leaving you!  It’s also been so great expanding our business in Missouri and getting to know many of you in the area.  Thank you for welcoming us!  We’ve felt the blessings!

BUT!  HERE IS THE BIGGEST NEWS FOR 2022--WE HAVE RE-BRANDED!  The third focus was always wanting to expand and offer you more.  So now we are Mia Boutique & Market, LLC!  It’s a new name, a new look, and new products!  Along with fabulous clothing and accessories, now you will find home décor and accessories and gifts with us, too!  Again, continuing with our core values of most items made in the USA, of the highest quality, and something to make your home and gift-giving special! 

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and now home décor, too!  I love the classics, but unique pieces with an unexpected twist or embellishment to them as well.  That is what you’ll find at here---classic looks, but contemporary trendy and fun pieces for yourself, home, or a gift, that make you stand out in the crowd!  All at an affordable price.

Thank you for shopping with Mia Boutique & Market and continuing on this journey with us!  We hope you find something special because YOU are something special!  We’d love to hear from you and always welcome your feedback! 

Counting our Blessings,

Dawn “Mia” and Gary Morrison, owners